Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 RECAP

I cannot belive that 2011 is just 3 days from being over with.  We have had some really good times and some really challenging times this year.  

January:  I was in my second quarter of the LMR program.  I took an imaging class that whooped my butt.  Tori and I Zumbaed A LOT!  We spent New Years in Florence and we were all there as a family, that was nice but didn't last long.

February:  Bill moved in.  Valentine's Day Josh bought me an open heart necklace that I had been begging for.  Imaging class was still kicking my butt.

March:  I turned 25.  I was officially half way to 30.  The imaging class managed to kick my butt enough to have to retake it in the Spring quarter.   I stayed after with the instructor and finally figured the stuff out, it was just too late.  I had officially quit smoking for 6 months and going strong.  

April:  I started my third quarter of the LMR program and my second go around at imaging.  Bill was still staying with us along with Marley 2-3 days a week.  It is a challege having two families under one roof, but we managed (and we all still like each other!).  

May:  Bill moved out.  That was about it.  We had the calmest Derby party ever.  It was a pretty calm and cool month. 

June: Stacey found out she was pregnant.  I got the baby blues a little.  I was happy for her but had pity for myself at the same time.  I quickly got over my pity and went shopping for her.  There isn't anything shopping can't fix.   June is a popular month for birthdays; Grandpa 06/02, Billy 06/06, Mary Jane 06/22, Mom 06/24 and Marley 06/31.  We also got Shadow, one of the best things that ever happened to me.  June was a good month.  We were in the Summer quarter and I started clinicals for the first time.  I was placed at Mt.Washington Medical Associates.  The staff there is awesome and I have made life long friendships with the ladies there.  I wouldn't of wanted my first clinical site to be anywhere else.  Shadow also fell and hurt herself which made for a difficult July.

July:  Stacey found out the baby quit growing at 6 weeks.  I was very very sad for her.  I cannot even begin to imagine what she was going through.  Big birthday month again; Mawma 07/04, Daddy 07/13, Koko 07/16 and Josh 07/20.  We spend most of our summer eating birthday cake.  July was mostly consumed with taking care of Shadow.  She had a lot of issues after she feel the end of June, but I nursed her through it and did the best that I knew how.  July did mark out 7 year anniversary being together.

August:  Stacey is pregnant again.  How exciting.  Our 3 year marriage anniversary.  Our first year was cake, our second a little harder and our third year gave us a run for our money.  We were coming off of a two year drought (Josh owns a lawn care service so we there is a drought we don't get paid) so money was a little tighter than usual and that put strain on any relationship.  This year was the first year that I had been in school full time and that was a financial burden in itself.  I got Mitten's.  I also hosted by first girl's night.

September:  Probably my favorite month out of 2011.  It was jammed packed.  The first week of September was my last week at MWMA and  a tough good-bye.  The second week it was packing and getting ready for vacation.  The end of the second week and all of the third week we spent in NYC and Connecticut.  It was one of my top vacations even taken, mostly becuase NYC is my favorite city.  We met family of mine that I had never met before.  We ate food that we had never eaten before.  We had many life experiences that we had never had before, some we loved, some we hated and some grew on us.  When we got home I started my fall quarter and my second round of clinicals.  At a site where I didn't like them and they didn't like me.  I was miserable.  I hosted my second month of girl's night.

October:  My least favorite month in 2011.  I was miserable at my clinical site, I wasn't enjoying the 45 minute drive everyday and to top it all off on the 15 Shadow passed away.  The vet told me a couple of months before that she breathed so hard becuase she had a torn dyaphram and that all of her organs we pushed up in that hole.  Making it harder for her to have to breath.  I took excellent care of her.  I did things for her most pet owners wont do for their animals.  I thought we could make it through anything.  I was super pumped because he told me she wouldn't get any bigger than three pounds.  Heck ya I am going to have a kitten forever.  Everybody wants a kitten instead of a cat.  I thought I had the best of both worlds, until I found her on that October morning.  The next few weeks were filled with sleepless nights, lots of tears  and anxiety attacks.  I know that sounds crazy but this kitten was my life at that point in time.  She was pretty much all I would ever think about.  I loved her so much.  I still do.  Two days prior to Shadow's passing I hosted my annual Pampered Chef party.  I started out with not such good sales and shot through the roof before we were all said and done.  I got majority of things on my wish list.  All of the things I really wanted anyway.  

November:  Started out better.  My clinical site was getting better.  We had ironed out our differences and things were moving along much smoother.  We decided to do Thanksgiving at bay this year.  So two days before we packed up a rented minivan and headed to Myrtle Beach.  There was a lot of family drama this year, so this was suppose to me the way to escape it and it was.  We had a successful night of Black Friday shopping and successfully made it harder for my Dad to repack the van.  I hosted Thanksgiving the weekend before for Josh's side.  His mom was a little upset that we weren't going to be here for the actual holiday.  I don't really know why she wouldn't have seen us anyway, but that is beside the point.  We had a great holiday  at the beach.  We offically saw the Atlantic ocean twice this year.

December:  Christmas, Christmas, Christmas.  That pretty much sums it up.  

Missalleny things I did this year:
Painted the living room.
Painted the guest bathroom again (I will try to keep it this color for awhile).
Painted some of the doors.
Re-purposed my great grandmother's cabinet.
Bought a new chair for the living room.
Finished up the fish pond.
I actually kept my blogging goal for December, one post everyday until Christmas!

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  1. I loved reading this recap! So many fun and exciting things filled your 2011. I'm working on something similar - stay tuned. :)