Thursday, December 15, 2011

10 days until Chirstmas!

Josh and I went to Freeman Lake Park "Christmas in the Park" last Friday night.  It was amazing as usual.  There are a few displays that are missing this year.  They are doing some work on the lake so the water displays weren't up this year.  But I completely enjoyed it and would go again. Here are some pictures I got.

This one is blurry, Josh was worried about the car behind us so he wouldn't stop and let me get a really good picture.  This is Elizabethtown Community College's display.

 This guy is awesome!  He is my favorite display in the whole park. At the enterance of the park they tell you to set your radio to a station that is for the park and plays only Christmas music.  Well this snowman lights up to the music.  I got luck enough to catch him all lit up.

This display is one of the new ones this year, it is a Disney display.  I didn't catch who sponsered it.

 If you don't make it out there before Christmas, they stay open until New Year's.  If you don't get to go at all this year, put it on the books for next year.  It is a great date night. Christmas in the park is fun for big kids and little kids!

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