Sunday, December 4, 2011

23 Days of Chirstmas!

Honestly, I can't even remeber what I have put on my front door for the last 3 Christmas's.  I never really had anything special, but this year I found this idea via Pineterst (of course) to make a snowman out of 3 wreaths.  So here it is, my front porch decor:

This was SO easy to make.  I used zip ties to attach the three wreaths to each other and to attach the limbs.  I filled the hat with some expired coupons to help it stand up and then used safety pins in the back and black bobby pins in the front to secure it. For the bird it came on a stick so I just stuck it in the wreath.

I also got this idea via Pinterest.  I just wrapped a tomato cage with pre-lit garland.

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