Friday, April 29, 2011

Creating Your Own Coupon Binder!

Usually I will post couponing things on Thursday, but I had a midterm today so, it is Couponing Friday instead!  We should be back on track next week though!  This weeks coupon post is the first step to being a coupon user, creating your binder.  The only way to really save money using coupons, is to have a plan and be organized.  I hope you all are excited (I was)!


  • 3 inch, 3 ring binder

  • Pencil pocket
    • Scissors  
    • Mini Post-it Notes
    • Calculator
    • Pencil
    • Pen
    • Marker
    • Paper Clips                                                                                                                  
  • Notebook or Notebook Paper
  • Dividers with Pockets (either one package of 5 with 2 pockets each or two packages of 5 with 1 pocket each)

 *Note: the baseball card holder sheets and binders have been hard to find since couponing has become a popular hobby, so you might have to try three or four different stores.  For Wal-Mart: they are in the "As Seen on TV" isle, up in the front of the store.  Mejier: they are in the back of the store in the toy section.  Target: they are on the last full wall facing the cash registers.  

Once you have gathered all your supplies, that is when the fun begins.  

Step 1:
Print out all the things you need online.  The section organizers, the store polices, and anything else you think might come in handy.  For example I just recently learned that you can tell how fresh a loaf of bread is by the color of the twist tie.  So I keep that article in the front pocket for future reference.

Step 2:
Let's start the assembling process!  

     1.  First thing that goes in is your pencil pocket.  Fill it with a pair of scissors, mini-post it notes, a small ziplock bag of paperclips, pen, pencil and marker. The scissors, of course, for clipping coupons, mini-post it notes for little notes you may need to write down, paper clips to attach coupons to their weekly add, and writing utensils to have handy and never be without. How do you expect to be organized if you don't even have something to write with?  Once it has everything in it, let it be the first thing you put in your binder

     2. Add your notebook or notebook paper.  This is for weekly lists.  You should keep a list for everything.
     3. One baseball card holder sheet, this lonesome sheet is for rewards cards.  If you get a rewards card for every store you shop at your ignition might get ripped out of your car!
     4.  Dividers with pockets, to store each weekly add seperately. 
     5.  Then comes your Krazy Coupon Lady Table of Contents

     6.  Krazy Coupon Lady Section Organizers 1-40 in sheet protectors.  
     7.  After each section page you should place two baseball card holder sheets.  
     8.  Last but not least, store coupon polices in sheet protectors at the very back!

Now that you have your binder ready, it is time to clip coupons!  Next Thursday's blog will go over where and what to clip.  What is a good buy and what is not.  I hope everyone has a good weekend!

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