Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Savings! Deals of the Week!

Hello All....
I am truly sorry that the blog has not been running as planned, things have been crazy around here lately, but it is my goal to be on schedule from now on.  Today is Couponing Sunday, so I have decided to give you the best deals of the week!  My 1st bit of advice is buy multiple Sunday papers.  The reason for that is because if there is a BOGO (buy one, get one) sale and you have only one coupon, you obviously don't save as much money as you would have if you had two.  When something is BOGO, the store tricks you to believe that one is really free, but that is not really the case.  They both are just half off.  So because you are buying two items you can use two coupons.

Deal #1:  Neutrogena Sun Care or Sunless Tanning, .47-6.7oz, starting at $7.99 @ CVS
What I bought was spray on sunscreen.  Here is the math:
10.79 + 10.79 = 21.58
10 ECB (Extra Care Bucks) WYB (When you buy) 2
(2) 2/1 (2qty of $2.00 of 1qty) 
So to sum that up in lame man terms, the total of the order was $21.58, I have $6.00 off, and then got back $10.00 in ECB.  So   I ended up paying 15.58 with $10.00 to spend next time.  So I payed $5.58 for two bottles of $11 sunscreen. 

Deal #2:  Lawry's Marinade @ Kroger
Here is the math:
- 1.90 Kroger Savings
- .50 Kroger E-coupon
- .50 Coupon from a Sunday insert a couple of weeks ago
=  .40
You can go to and register your Kroger card.  There are three different things that it will ask you if you want to receive, choose all three of them.  On you can load coupons directly to your card that will be taken off automatically when you check out or you can print out coupons.  You get more if you just load them to your card.

Deal #3:  Tylenol Precise $7.99-8.49 @ Walgreen's
They were all out once I got there at 4 this afternoon, so I had to get rain checks.  Maybe you will have better luck than I did.  Here's the math:
-  3.00 Coupon in Walgreen's booklets (they are right inside the door)
-  5.00 Coupon that was in last weeks Sunday paper
= .49 
I hope that you all have all the coupons that you need!

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