Thursday, January 26, 2012

Weekly Review!

Man OH Man, have I been busy this week.  Every January I move all of the previous year's paperwork/receipts/bills ect and move them all to envelopes downstairs, making room for this current year's stuff.  This process usually takes me at least two days.  If I get overwhelmed (which I usually do) it takes me three.  This year it took me three!  I feel so much better when everything is done and it all looks so nice, neat and empty!

After I was done with all of that I updated my Home Maintenance Log. You can find the cover sheet here.
I use a pencil pouch to keep our personal check book, stamps, address labels and an ink pen. 
Next I found printable monthly calendars here and here

I fell in love with this calendar as soon as I saw it!  Next comes The different tabs. 
Tab Names:
Daily Check Lists
Meals and Recipes
Goals and Inventory
Important Dates

Tab Contents:  
Daily Check lists contains "My Personal Assistant that I found here (under My Personal Assistant).
Meals and Recipes contain a monthly menu plan and weekly menu plans here and here.

Cleaning has weekly cleaning charts, Spring cleaning charts, seasonal chore checklists, quarterly chore list, Spring chore list, Summer and Fall chore lists and a home maintenance log.  You can find them hereherehere and  here.

The next section is the travel section you can find both printables here.
The section after that is the budget section I decided we should have a track your spending worksheet found here.  I also included a budget worksheet that you can print here.  

Goals and Inventory come next.  I started this section out with a "Year at a Glance" found here.  Josh and I have decided this year to make monthly goals instead of New Year's Resolutions.  So I printed this page to keep track of each month goals!  Next is a "Hope List" also found  here, this list is a home goal list.  Then I added Freezer Inventory, Pantry Inventory and Larder Inventory sheets you can print them here.  I forget a lot of times what I have, so I am hoping that these sheets will help us eat what we have at home first before I go buy more.  Next comes so cheat sheets that I found here.  I printed the freezer storage cheat sheet and the internal cooking temperature cheat sheet.
Next comes Important Dates.  This section also contains an online password form and a windows hot key form.  You can find all printables here and here.
Then I made an Emergency section that contains an Emergency sheet and a medical information sheet.

I sometimes have people come stay with my babies while Josh and I are out of town.  This is good for whomever stays here in case something were to happen.  The Emergency form can be found here and the basic medical info form here.
The church section comes next.  Our church sends out a quarterly statement showing how much you have tithed, I plan on putting that in this section.  I have a couple bible verse forms you can print them here, along with a prayer journal that you can find here. 
Last but not least is the pets section.  You know I have to make sure my babies are taken care of.  Like I said before they sometimes get a baby sitter if Nan and Poppy can't watch them.  I would be beside myself if something happened while I was gone and things were taken care of.  SO....there is a pet information sheet (you can find it here). Each section divider has pockets and in the very last pocket I keep a copy of the children's medical records and a check made out to our vet.  If something were to happen whomever is staying with them would need money to pay for this visit!
Everything in my binder I have found online and was free.  I also only did my binder by quarters.  I did not start my binder until February, so I have everything in there for the months of February, March and April.  In April I will update you on what got used and what didn't.  It is a trial and error kind of thing.  I hope you are able to use these resources that I have found and are able to create something useful for you and your family. 


  1. I LOVE this binder!!! I have something similar, but you have a few extra categories that I need to add. Thanks for the inspiration!