Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Bible Study

One of my January goals is to make a conscious effort to get in more Bible time.  As I was scrolling through my blog list the other day, I ran across this Bible study.  It is a daily study for 3 months.  I have been totally focused on food for the last two days making each and every meal  that I lost track of time and didn't get to read on Monday or Tuesday, so I had to catch up to today's reading.  

This Bible study is one of the best that I have ever participated in.  The Lord has spoken to me in ways, through these passages that he has never done before.  I encourage you to take a look at the link and start reading it for yourself.  This link gives you print outs for everyday and encourages you to do what they call "SOAP".  

S: Write out the scripture passage for the day.  I like this because, when I write something out it resonates more than if I just read something.
O: Write down 1 or 2  observations from the passage.  This helps me figure out what I believe God wants me to take away from the passage.

A: Write down 1-2 applications from the passage.  When I read regularly, I don't necessarily think about how I am suppose to apply these things in our everyday life.  This helps you to see what you can do to allow God's light to shine out from within you.

P:  Pray over what you have learned from today's passage.

If you don't have time to each and everyday.  You could always get the book of Ephesians on CD and listen to the daily scripture in your car and then write your thoughts down when you are done. 

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