Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Welcome February!

I can not believe that it is February already and the first month of 2012 is already gone.  That means we are less than 11 months away from Christmas ALREADY!  So with just a little overview on January's goals....

1.  No eating out.  This lasted for one week.  We found ourselves in sticking situations where we ended up out at a meal time and caved very quickly.  We are recycling this goal into February.  We have given ourselves 4 exceptions.

2.  No cussing.  We have both improved on this a lot, but neither of us are perfect and continue to work on this
goal daily.

3.  Daily Bible time.  This goal I can honestly say was the only goal that was kept.  I started a 12 week Bible study over the book of Ephesians.  You can find it here.  I have fallen in love with this study and have learned a lot along the way.

4. Attend Wednesday night service.  We attended the first Wednesday night service of the year, our pastor was out because his daughter had just had a baby, and the guy that lead service that night wasn't able to catch out attention enough to want to go back the following week.  We have started a couples study on Wednesday night service that will last for 8 weeks.  We have semi completed this goal!

5.  Do sometime of physical activity four days a week.  Physical activity....what's that!  We went for a family run ONCE! 

So as you can see we didn't do very well on our first month of 2012's goals.  Hopefully there will be a little more willpower and a little more drive this month.  I am excited to see February.  The more winter months (although it doesn't feel like winter) we run through, quickly, the sooner Spring will be here!  My favorite time of the year. 

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