Saturday, January 21, 2012

Office Paint Job

This past two weeks have been filled with nothing but house projects.  Joshua hung the drop ceiling in the living downstairs and repainted the floor, the two of us re-did the laundry room and then I decided to paint the office.  Here is some pictures that I took the first or second summer that we lived here.  I have rearranged this room many times.  This just give you an idea of how drastic of a change I went from.

Here is the finished product.  You can notice from the past pictures compared to today's pictures.  I have reupholstered the glider rocker, when I rearranged the furniture I took down the folding table and we are just using the desk now.   

I also found this old picture of the laundry room.  Between this time and now I had added brown cabinets and I had taken the sofa table out.

Have a good weekend!

1 comment:

  1. So many transformations! Love the new look and
    I am inspired by your bravery with painting.