Wednesday, December 14, 2011

12 Days Until Christmas!

I am back blogging becuase this week is finals week, so I was very busy yesterday and didn't have time to blog!  I have been waiting to post my snowman dining room since the begining of the month becuase of one key craft that was missing.  Well I finished it on Sunday, when I went to take pictures of the whole room the battery in my camera died.  So I will just post the craft part here and then post the room.

The craft I did were snowmen heads.  I got the idea for  I couldn't find where I originally saw them at on her website but I do have a post on my Pinterest, so here is what her's looks like.
I absolutlely love snowmen, so of course I fell head over heels in love with these guys.

So here we go.....

1. I used one package of 6 3" styrofoam balls ( you can use how many and whatever size you would like)
2. I used Mod Podge, the lady from the Idea Room used spray adhesive.
3.  Chunky glidder, I used Martha Stweart
4. White Paint (opptional)
5. One piece each of black and orange cardstock
6. Scissors
7. Hole punch
8. Paintbrush

I wanted to see if all of the balls would fit in the jar I was putting them in, so just in case they didn't all fit I could only decorate the ones that did.

I painted Mod Podge onto each styrofoam ball then rolled them into glitter.  The lady from the idea room sprayed the balls with adhesvie then sprinkled them each with gitter.  I had Mod Podge, I didn't have spray adhesive so.  Do as you want with whatever you want.  The lady from the idea room also painted her styrofoam balls with white paint before she sprayed them with glue. 
I seperate the Mod Podge into one bowl and the glitter into another.

Once they were rolled in the glitter I set them in an icecube tray to dry.  I did one half of the ball, let that side dry and then painted and rolled the other side.
Here is the finished product.  For the eyes, I used my hole punch and for the nose i just cut small triangles out of the orange cardstock.  I was going off the what I remembered so I didn't look at the original picture and she rolled the paper for the nose.
I will try to get a better picture when I post the whole room, there was a terrible glare that day.

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