Thursday, January 3, 2013

What's new for 2013!

One of the items on my Christmas list this year was "My Year in Meals" by Rachael Ray, it is a personal food diary for 365 days. In the book she includes pictures that she and her husband, Jon, took themselves and of course the recipes to the meals they ate.  

I have been so intrigued by this book that it motivated me to do a spin on the whole idea.  But I wanted something different, not just a food journal.  I couldn't really pin point what exactly I wanted to do, then over lunch with two girlfriends the suggestion arose that I should do a meal planning blog. 
So my spin on the book will be just that, I will bring you along my food journey for the next 365 days  but with the recipes and pictures, I will include grocery lists and menu ideas.

The menu ideas will come at the end of every month and it will be broken down into weeks.  Because of the fact that I plan each weekly menu the weekend before, there would be no way for me to publish menus for the month ahead of time.  You can rearrange the meals as you please.  They will just be broken down the way that we ate them.

My cooking style is kind of hard to define really.  I am not afraid of the most difficult recipes, but love a recipe I can create myself.  I work hard to come up with new ideas and rarely place the same meal on my kitchen table, with the expectation of things like tacos.  We both enjoy authentic Italian food and I cook a lot of it.  So, if your a pasta girl or a bread girl or a cheese girl, you will love this idea!  We are from the south, so I cook southern food also, but at the same time my family is from New England, so I have a northern spin on things a lot of times also.  Until my mid-twenties I was a fairly picky eater.  Mainly just a poultry person with lots of vegetables, but over the last few years and the more I have experimented with food the broader my horizons have become and the more foods I enjoy.  Thankfully, I married the furthest thing from a picky eater.  Seriously, the only thing the man doesn't like is beets and really fishy seafood.  Pretty much other than that if I put it in front of him, he eats it.  I have to say, that over the past couple of years, he has been pushed out of his comfort zone and made to try things he probably would have never tried if there wasn't that little bit of push from me.  

All I ask is that you keep an open mind and an open mouth!  Come along with us on our 2013 food journey.  I hope you enjoy the recipes and find some new favorites for your household.  

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  1. I'm so excited about your new blogging adventure!!