Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pinterest Cooking, Week 2

I know I am a few days late getting my reviews to you all, but this week was a little crazy.  My mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer the end of last week and so I have been busy going to different doctor's appointments with her this week.  On a good note, she did get good news that it is at its earliest stage (stage zero), she has a 98% survival rate and as of now she won't need any chemotherapy, just radiation.  So here is what I experimented with this week.....
I attempted these taco cups.  They are figure friendly with 93 calories per wrapper and only .5 gram of fat.  I topped them with sour cream and veggies.  They are something that you can do really quick.  You could even prepare the meat ahead of time and just bake them for 10 mins.  One thing that I did to make sure the meat didn't dry out was I added somewhere between 1/4 cup and 1/2 cup of taco sauce to the taco seasoned meat.  

These were delish.  I made the cinnamon crisps myself and I didn't veer from the directions at all.  A healthy dessert and I will be making these again!  You can find the recipe HERE!

This was also a very good recipe.  I added streamed broccoli and grilled chicken.  Another quick and easy recipe and if you are a pasta/Italian cuisine lover, like myself and the hubs, you will enjoy this dish.  Find it HERE!

We are finishing our basement and my parents have been staying each weekend with us because my Dad is doing the drywall work along with a LONG laundry list of other things.  With that said, he loves Outback's Chocolate Lava Cake.  I baked mine in the oven and everyone was very pleased with it.  I served it with vanilla ice cream, whip cream and chocolate fudge sauce. Here is the recipe : Use chocolate cake mix that requires oil, make cake mix, pour into pampered Chef deep dish covered baker, 1 can chocolate frosting - split into 6 dollops, cook in microwave for 15 mins uncovered. = molten lava cake! 

This past week I was all about being easy.  These were easy.  Very delectable and easy!  Get the recipe HERE!

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