Sunday, July 22, 2012

5 Days of Pinterest, Week 1

In my last blog post I wrote that I was going to do a little experiment for the next four weeks using recipes off Pinterest.  I was inspired by a Pinterest party that I went to two weeks ago.  So here is what I tried this week.....

This recipe for lemonade was really good.  The only thing that I changed was, I added more water.  The recipe only calls for you to add 3/4 of a cup of water to the 1/4 cup of lemon syrup.  I thought that it was way too strong for my liking so I doubled the amount of water I added to the syrup.  It was a hit at my monthly Girl's Night event this week!  You can find the recipe  HERE.

The second thing I tested this week, were these Apple Enchilada's that I also served on our monthly Girl's Night event this week.  I used Trader Joe's homemade tortilla's and I thought they were very nice.  I also doubled the amount of apple pie filling that I used.  You can find the recipe HERE!  They were a very nice dessert!

Cajun Chicken Pasta was what was for dinner Tuesday night, I loved this.  I accidentally put the wrong spice in, so I am interested to try it again without the extra spice and see if it is even better.  This was a very quick and easy recipe.  It makes a ton and I am sure that it freezes lovely.  Because of the extra spice that I added I chose not to keep it.  It is very figure friendly also!  You can find the recipe HERE!

Another thing that I tried for Girl's Night was a slider bar.  I combined both of these recipes together to make one Turkey Burger with Cranberry Sauce.  They were my husbands favorite. From HERE, which is the picture on the left I used the cranberry sauce recipe.  Which was excellent and very easy to make.  It is also something that you can make ahead.  It grains flavor as it sits in the fridge so it is something that you can make and then clean the mess up before your guests arrive.  From the picture on the right, I used the actual burger recipe, you can find it HERE.  They were very moist burgers and had tons of flavor.  For the cranberry sauce that they tell you to add to the actual meat mixture, I kept the "garbage" part of the cranberry sauce (the seeds and chunks of berries that were left over after you strained the mixture and got the sauce) and added it in for some texture.

The fifth and final recipe for this week is Eva Longoria's Chicken Tortilla soup, which I am making this evening and will blog about it tomorrow morning!

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  1. Loved benefitting from your Pinterest challenge. Yum, yum, yum!