Monday, February 6, 2012

Nashville Bound!

This weekend we are spending time in the Music City with Josh's cousin Brent.  He lives and works in Nashville, so we decided to come visit and get some good quality family R&R.

Friday we went to dinner at McGuinness Irish Pub.  They are known for their tasty fish.  Let me tell you their reputation stands true.  Josh got blacked Maui, it wasn't over the top blackened, which I actually prefer, but it was delicious!  Then we hit up Barefoot Charlie's.

(I accidentally hit my video camera, rather than just my regular so here is a video of their sign!) 
Barefoot Charlie's is a beach bar away from the beach.  If that makes any sense.  When you walk in it smells like there should be a large swimming pool in the center of the room.  The whole place is decked out in beach decor.  Bright colored signs and easy laid back quotes.  There was a Bob Marley statue at the bar.  Beach stuff in the middle of the country!  It was great.  If I lived around here and needed to go just relax, Barefoot Charlie's is the place to go!

Saturday was a girls kind of day!  Even though I am the only girl, they are VERY good sports!  We headed down to the American Picker's store, Antique Archeology.  That was an awesome experience, we saw some really neat things.

We made too many stops to even talk about, so I will sum it all up in one paragraph.  We stopped at Hillsborough Village and Hillsborough Center.  We did some antiquing on 8th street.  Hit up Hard Rock Cafe for lunch.  Made a pit stop at DSW and then went home to watch the game!

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend! 

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