Monday, November 21, 2011

Family, Fun and Memories!

This weekend was jam packed with family time.

Saturday: I hosted Thanksgiving dinner for Josh's family. His older brother and niece weren't able to make it he ended up having to work, but his younger brother and his girlfriend, his mom and dad and even his cousin showed up. I cooked all day and throughly enjoyed all the food. We had great converstation while the girls were upstairs and the boys downstairs. Tyler hasn't been with Trish for a year yet so it was a great time for me to get to know her better. She was nice enough to come over at 9:00 am to help me start cooking!

Sunday: We attended church at Josh's family church. His family used to do a Thanksgiving dinner at his grandparents house, now they just consider the church dinner their Thanksgiving dinner. So we ate there. We had to go straight to Taylorsville to have dinner with my grandparents. We didn't end up eating there, we just snacked and visited with everyone.

Sunday was also a special day Joshua and myself. Six years ago I ate a steak dinner, in front of a fireplace, in a chalet in Gatlinburg, TN. He cooked the dinner, it was his idea to eat in front of the fireplace and the Christmas gift I begged him to let me see ended up being my engagement ring. We have made it a long way since that night. God has blessed me tremendously with him!


  1. What a fun weekend! Happy engage-iversary!

  2. I love your blog! I hope you don't mind that I became a follower! :) Erin