Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Month to Be Thankful For!

Josh and I went shopping last night for "Operation Christmas Child", it is where you go buy things for a child of a certain age range that will fit in a shoe box.  As we were shopping I became humbled by all the blessing God as bestowed to me and to my husband.  So I thought I should write a blog about something that I am thankful for, for each day of November.  So here it is 30 things that I am thankful for:

1. My personal relationship with God.  The relationship is everything and I am so thankful for the knowledge of how to obtain and maintain it.
2. My husband and pets.  I have (to me) the best husband in the world.  God has blessed me tremendously with a wonderful partner.  I call them "my pets", but truly to me they are my children and I am so thankful for both of them and miss so badly the other! 
3. I am thankful for my precious time spent with Shadow.  Although it didn't last long and I would have loved for it to last forever, I am thankful for her and the time God gave me with her.
4.  My family.  They maybe crazy sometimes, but they're the best!
5.  My friends.  From high school, from college, from past jobs and just people that I have met along the way.  They're the people in your life that you can talk to about anything and they won't judge you.   
6.  My beautiful home.  It is my small piece of heaven.  I feel so blessed to be able to call it my own.
7.  My husband's business.  God has blessed him with the ability to be an outstanding business owner, which in turn has been our financial support for these past few years as I try to better my self and one day graduate from college.
8.  To be able to be a housewife.  Not everyone gets to just go to school, I am so thankful to be able to just be a student!
9.  The season Autumn.  My favorite time of year!  I love everything about it.  The pumpkins, the food, the decorations, the smells EVERYTHING!
10.  The season Winter.  Although my favorite is Autumn, I love Winter.  My house will reflect my love for this season right after Thanksgiving!
11.  The season Spring.  I could have put all seasons together but, I am thankful for each one for different reasons and didn't think I would do them justice by stereotyping.  I love spring because well my birthday!  I love all the beautiful flowers and the feeling of being able to open your windows and air out your house.  I love planting that first plant/seed in my garden and watching it grow and blossom into something so sustaining.  
12.  The season of Summer.  I am not a fan of VERY warm weather but, I love the beach and all things associated with Summer.
13.  Stacey.  Earlier I said I was thankful for my friends but, Stacey is more to me than just a friend.  She is more like a sister to me.  We have been there for each other through life's greatest moments and life's not so great moments and I don't really know what I would have done without her.
14. Thick fuzzy socks.  There is nothing like thick fuzzy socks to warm your whole body on a cold winter morning!
15.  Christmas Music.  The true love of my life.  I have already started listening to Christmas Music and  I wish Lite106.9 stated playing it sooner than they do!
16.  My parents.  The two people in life who will never turn their backs on you.  This chapter in my life has brought the three of us much closer than ever before and I am very thankful for that.
17.  My sister.  Although there is such a large age gap, we seem to be able to bridge that gap and still have a wonderful relationship.
18.  Google.  Where have you been my whole life?  I don't know how anyone survived without Google. 
19.  Down alternative pillows!  I love them and as long as I have the choice will not lay my head on anything different!
20.  The ability to travel.  I have been to 29 states and plan on visiting all of them before I die.  I have been to Canada but plan on traveling to more countries, once I talk my husband into flying!
21.  DVR.  Just one more thing that I am not sure how anyone survived without it! 
22.  That everything will work its self out in the end.  I saw a guy say that was one thing he was thankful for and it made me think, that's a good thing to be thankful for.  I am the kind of person that thinks "it is what it is", you can't change the past but you can make wiser decisions in the future.  There is not point in worrying over spilled milk.
23.  For the ability to give back.  I am very blessed and love being able to share the blessing with people.  No matter how fortunate they are, I love giving gifts.  Gifts of all sorts not just Christmas gifts, gifts all year even if it is sending home leftovers with someone one!
24.  The love of cooking.  I love to cook and for the most part (according to my husband) I am fairly good at it.  I am not just thankful for the love of cooking but for the knowledge and ability to do so.
25.  Christmas movies.  The Holiday, The Nativity Story, Rudolph, Frosty, A Year without a Santa Clause, Elf and Santa Clause 1, 2 and 3.  The holiday would not be the same without them!
26.  Slatkin candles.  They make my life smell better.  I am an addict.  I have a cabinet full of them and I quite possibly could have almost one of every scent.  My fall scent is Creamy Pumpkin and my favorite winter scent is Twisted Peppermint.
27.  My soon to be Keurig coffee maker.  I say soon to be because that is what my big gift from my mil this year is.  I used my cousin's when we were on vacation this year and fell head over heels in love.  Coffee in one minute who would have thought it.  No more waiting.  LOVE!
28.  The ability to dream.  I am a Pisces and we are dreamers.  I love to dream about one day owning a beach house somewhere where I can escape to when my bones are too old to endure the cold winter.  The dream of going to Italy and eating authentic Italian food!  YUM!  The dream of one day raising my beautiful children and experiencing all of life's little joy's as a family. 
29.  The ability to be creative.  This is a gift from God.  I love redecorating every month.  I love finding new ideas and allowing them to come to life.  I love planning and putting that plan into action.  I love projects for every kind!  (ask my husband, he always says I have a million projects going on at the same time and when one is done I just start another)
30Last but not least....Lebanon Junction.  This year Josh and myself traveled to New York City for vacation.  I had been before but never as an adult.  I love the city and at times wish I would have moved there after high school and experienced the great city life.  But instead I moved to somewhere much different.  Somewhere that doesn't even have a stop light. Not a four way stop.  NOTHING!  I am so thankful to be in this small, quaint town where everybody know your name and your business.  But that's OK because at the end of the day I like it like that!

I am sorry for how long this blog is.  I was going to make a sort and sweet list but it turned out to be more than short!  I hope you have enjoyed it and it has encouraged you to think about the 30 things that you are thankful for! 


  1. What a great list! Ditto to #5 ... I'm thankful for YOU! :) Hope you had a great time shopping. It's amazing how giving to others will make you reflect and be thankful for what you have. Happy Saturday!

  2. Love your thankful list! its totally fun buying for kids who need , i always imagine that I know the child or that they are my own :) love ya meg! oh by the way blog about your painted door and send it to sarah because she pinterested the idea and said you need to share pics when I told her you did that :)