Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Decorating!

For some reason, this season I have gotten many compliments on my decorating.  I love fall sooooo much that the last week in August I start dragging stuff out and wont put it away until Thanksgiving!  Now keep in mind that although I keep fall decor up from late August to late November, I switch things up each month.  September: just fall, October:  Halloween (of course) and November:  well Thanksgiving.  only a few things change each month.  My table arrangement has never been the same two months in a row for the four years that we have lived here, I just couldn't bear the thought of looking at the same thing for 62 days! 

So I figured that "My House" would be the perfect subject for my next blog!  I will make it into a 5 day post.  
Day One: Dining Room
Day Two: Kitchen
Day Three: Living Room
Day Four: Bedrooms
 Day Five: Bathrooms

This is Octobers dining room.  I couldn't get the whole room on one picture so I have had to split it up.

Here's a list of where I got either ideas for things or actually bought them.
1.  Table Runner: Big Lots
2.  The Happy Halloween Sign: Kirkland's
3. The two spider candle holders on each side: Big Lots
4.  The wooden pumpkin on the far right and its stand:  Bardstown Arts and Craft Fall Festival
 1.  Bookshelf: Target
Top Shelf
2. Wooden pumpkin bowl: T J Max
3.  Yankee Candle "Pumpkin Pie": Bed, Bath and Beyond.
4. Plush pumpkin: The Christmas Tree Store
First Row
5. plush scarecrow: Garden Ridge
6.  Halloween Picture: Meijer
Second Row
7.  pumpkin picture: I got a printable picture off line and my baby sister painted it for me
8.  Two small pumpkins on each side: Kirkland's
 Third Row
9. Frame: Kohl's
 Sorry this picture isn't better there was no way to avoid the glare!
 10. The pumpkins on the top with burlap: I got the idea from this month's issue of BHG.
11. The glass pumpkins on the middle shelf:  all came from Garden Ridge
12. Dishes on the lower shelf: Kohl's
This is the other portion of my dining room.
13. Starting in the back there is a lantern under the easel: Sam's it was a 2 pack,the pumpkins and pine cone mix inside, Michael's
14. On the table, the two candle sticks with the gourds: Target.  The gourds are real and I get all of my pumpkins from Wooden Farm in Elizabethtown.
15. floor mat: the idea came from TLC, its a black rug with silver puff paint.

This is the dining room in September. 

The table runner: fabric is from Wal-Mart.
The platter: Kirkland's 
The iron pumpkin (also in October): Bardstown Arts and Crafts Fall festival

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  1. Love, love, LOVE this! So glad you are posting about your decor. Definitely let me know when you are attending ayou next craft fair - I'd love to join. Thanks for sharing where you found everything. I'm going to "shop like Megan"! :)