Tuesday, October 4, 2011

AHHH...My Favorite Time of the Year!

Autumn is by far my favorite season of the year.  To be quite honest I love many things about each season. Winter:  the crisp cleaning feeling you get when the first snow fall comes, the taste of hot chocolate on a cold winters night, and of course Christmas!  Who doesn't love everything about Christmas.  Spring:  the much needed sun shine and warm air, the beautiful spring flowers and the soft pastel colors.  Summer:  the beach or any vacation for that matter, nice cold treats like ice cream that melts before you can finish the whole cone, and bright warm colors.  But Autumn, there is nothing that can quite compare to the warm spicy smells of pumpkin pie, cinnamon, colves, ginger and nutmeg.  The warm, heart warming colors of burnt orange, red and yellow.  Oh and the tastes, how I love pumpkin everything, muffins, bread, cheesecake, cookies, pie, you name it I love it.  I thought I would write this blog about my favorite things about Autumn, and while you read it try to think of your own favorite things about Autumn are.  

20 Reason to Love Autumn!

2. Apple picking
3.  Fall fabric prints (ex. plaid)
4. Cozy socks
5. Fresh baked goods
6. Fall fabric (ex. wool, flannel)
7. Hay rides
8. Bond Fires
9. Leaves changing colors
10. Fall scented candles
11.  The first frost
12.  Chicken and Dumplings
13. Thanksgiving Dinner
14. Scarecrows
15. Halloween costumes
16.  Family 
17.  Warm cozy blankets
18.  Cool crisp morning and warm sunny afternoons
19.  Wind blowing through the trees
20.  Fall decorations!

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  1. Love your favorite things of fall list! I'm definitely enjoying my "fall" coffee creamers. Glad to see you back in action on your blog! :)