Friday, June 15, 2012

I'm BACK, and man does it feel GOOD!

Sorry for the couple of months gap between posts, life has just been very hectic since March, but things are finally starting to slow down a little for now.  So I am back at it.  I will give you a little run down on how the past few months went. 

March:  It started out well, I turned 26 on the 7th and had a good birthday.  I blogged about my brand new mixer, which has become my latest and greatest bestie!.  Then on the 24th Savannah, Elyse and I traveled to IKEA.  I scored a ton of stuff, but kind of had a rough night.  I am epileptic and had a seizure that night.  The rest of the month is all kind of a blur.
I hosted Easter dinner for my parents, his parents, my grandma and our brothers and sisters.  We offically had our very first visit from the Easter Bunny and egg hunt.

April:  My Mom, grandmother and I all traveled to Asheville, North Carolina.  To see Biltmore in the Spring.  It was gorgeous.  The azalea gardens were in full bloom and the colors were literally breath taking.  I could have stayed there all spring.  The wisteria was in full bloom and so beautiful.  I could see that house over and over and over again.  I can't wait to go back in the fall and at Christmas sometime! 

Mittens had her first birthday and we celebrated by baking every one of our four legged, furry friends pup/kitty kakes!

May:  May was the craziest of them all.  May for us around here starts off the first weekend with Derby.  We spent the day at Phillip and Anna's house.  The next week was when the poo poo hit the fan.  My mom left for Orlando, for business, on Derby day.  I was suppose to go with her, but I was worried that my bestie, Stacey, would go into labor while I was gone and I wouldn't get to welcome my favorite baby into this world.  So I stayed home and man was it a good thing.  Wednesday night, 5/9/12, I get multiple phone calls from my grandmother, but don't answer because I was tired from cleaning all day and allowing my brain to go to mush by marathoning old Sex and the City episodes I got for Christmas,but that is besides the point.  Josh comes up banging on the back door, he says to me " You need to call your grandma, your Dad is having a heart attack."  I freaked out.  When I say freaked, I mean FREAKED.  I was totally consumed by thoughts of, OMGOSH and OMGOSH my sister is alone with him, and ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  So the rest on that night we spent in the hospital waiting for test to be ran and later for him to get a private room.  So, before I ever even left the house  Thursday morning, Daniel, Stacey's husband called and said that her water had broke and they were at the hospital. I was having my own stuff to deal with, I had to go to my parents, pack my Dad a bag, because when he went into the hospital all he had on was work clothes, go to Starbucks because I was running on, oh about 5 1/2 hours of sleep, and then get my Mother at the airport by 9:00 am.  When we got to the hospital the Thoracic surgeon came out and explained to us that he had over a 90% blockage in his left artery and if another piece of plaque had fallen off he would have had a massive heart attack and maybe not survived.  They placed a stint in his heart and he is good as gold now.  Baby Ella Brooke Bonney was born Thursday evening around 11 pm and because of all the craziness in my own family, I regrettably never made it to see her at the hospital anyway :( So all of that went down between Wednesday and Thursday.  Also Thursday afternoon I had to pick up a cake at Sam's, because I was having a graduation party AT MY HOUSE on Saturday.  My very supportive parents showed up to dinner and the ceremony on Friday and again at the party on Saturday.    The last part of the month also threw us for a loop when my neurologist explained that the seizure in March, could potentially hinder our ability for having children, but that is a whole other day. 

So, I know it was long and drug out but that is what I have been up to! 

With all of that said, I have honestly stayed very positive and very knowing that God has a plan for my family.  There are days when Joshua and I struggle to find common ground through this current family trial.  So, I am redirecting all of that energy into PROJECTS!

All week this week I have been redoing our bedroom.  I never really put a whole lot of thought and effort into our bedroom.  I was tired of just having a bedroom, I wanted a Master Suite!  Something that you can find on Pinterest.  I am not finished yet so I can not show you my big reveal.  But I will show you my inspiration! 

There are a few of my inspirational pieces.  I can't wait for you all to see the before and after pics!  Sorry this post was so long there was just a lot of catching up to do!

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  1. You have had such an exhausting and exciting spring! SO glad your Dad is doing well and you are always in my thoughts and prayers regarding expanding your family. :) Good luck with your master bedroom!